Qandeel Baloch murder case: State challenges Waseem’s acquittal in SC

 Parliamentary Secretary for Law and Justice Maleeka Bokhari on Thursday shared that the state has challenged the acquittal of Waseem in the Qandeel Baloch murder case through a petition filed in the Supreme Court.

Qandeel’s brother [Waseem] had confessed to strangling the social media starlet in the name of honour. He was arrested and sentenced by a trial court to life in prison. However, the decision was overturned by the Lahore High Court.

Taking to Twitter, Bokhari said that the state’s plea gives the apex court an opportunity to set an example of bringing the culprits in brutal murders to justice through deserved punishments.

She went on to say that Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government continues its support for the protection of women and girls’ rights.

State reviewing ‘legal options’

Soon after Waseem was acquitted, the ruling party lawmaker had announced that the state was reviewing “legal options” in light of law and Supreme Court (SC) judgements in the case.

“The state is undertaking a review of legal options in the Qandeel Baloch case in light of law and Supreme Court judgments,” tweeted Bokhari.

LHC acquits accused Qandeel Baloch’s brother and murderer

On February 14, following the directions of the Multan bench, the LHC acquitted Qandeel Baloch’s brother Waseem in her murder case.

According to the judgment, the decision was taken over an agreement between the parties involved and retraction of statements recorded by the witnesses.

Waseem was sentenced to life imprisonment on September 27, 2019, by a model court in Multan.

Advocate Sardar Mehboob presented arguments on behalf of the accused. In 2016, Waseem had strangled his sister Qandeel to death while she was at home.

Her father Muhammad Azeem Baloch had lodged a murder case against his son Waseem, accomplices Haq Nawaz and others. An affidavit submitted by the parents in 2016 also named two of their other sons, Aslam Shaheen and Arif.

Waseem had gone on record and admitted to drugging and killing his sister when he was presented before a special magistrate.

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