WATCH: Why did PM Imran apologise after using Maulana Fazl’s name in speech

As the exchange of bitter remarks continues between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Opposition leaders since the latter submitted a no-confidence motion against the former in the National Assembly, the premier apologised to a public rally for calling JUI-F president Maulana Fazlur Rehman “maulana“.

While addressing a rally in Swat on Wednesday, PM Imran Khan criticised Fazl — who is also the chief of Opposition coalition Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) — saying he never raised his voice against Islamophobia as a major politician of Pakistan.

“Maulana Fazlur Rehman, I ask you a question. [I] made a mistake, sorry. Not Maulana, but Fazlur Rehman,” PM Imran Khan said.

The premier stated the reason for “correcting” himself right after making the remark, saying that he respects religious leaders as he referred to the title of “maulana” [religious person].

He asked Fazl if he — being a religious-political leader — has ever said a single word against Islamophobia in front of a Western leader in his 30-year political career.

“What do you tell the children of our seminaries when you ask them to come out against us [incumbent government] that this is a Jewish lobby,” the premier asked.

“The [person] who they called a Jew has done the job they couldn’t do in 30 years.”

It may be recalled that during one of his recent blistering speeches against the Opposition, PM Imran Khan had said that he wouldn’t address Fazl with the title of “maulana” as “calling him maulana is a sin”.

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